Worker demand points to low jobless rate

Continued strong demand for skilled workers backs economists’ predictions that the latest jobs figures will show the unemployment rate below four per cent for the first time in nearly 50 years. At the same time, the cut in fuel excise announced in last month’s federal budget as part of a cost-of-living package is feeding through […]

Commercial Due Diligence

States to share in $166b of federal funds

The states are set to share in $166.4 billion from the federal government over the next financial year. The budget papers released on Tuesday reveal the Morrison government will permanently boost the size of the GST pool to be distributed among the states each year. The injection will be $600 million a year until 2023/24 […]

More pain for drivers as oil prices rise

Motorists are feeling even further pain at the bowser, and the signs are it will only get worse as global oil prices rise on escalating political tensions between the Ukraine and Russia. Prices hit a fresh seven-year highs on Monday with Brent crude oil above $US95 a barrel as speculation of Ukraine-Russia conflict mounts. Commonwealth […]

Carbon emissions are down

Tracey Ferrier (Australian Associated Press)   Australia has recorded a drop in its carbon emissions on the back of the pandemic, lower coal production and more renewable energy in the national grid. In the year to June, emissions were down by 2.1 per cent That was driven by lower outputs from power generation and reduced […]

Cheaper solar added to technology road map

Paul Osborne (Australian Associated Press)   The Morrison government has set a goal of producing solar electricity at a third of today’s costs under an updated technology plan. Energy Minister Angus Taylor released the second of the government’s low emissions technology statements at the COP26 summit in Glasgow on Tuesday. The first such statement was […]

Seniors ready to help with skills shortage

Colin Brinsden, AAP Economics and Business Correspondent (Australian Associated Press)   Senior Australians are on board to help meet the shortage of workers in the economy, but only if the federal government fixes the punitive income test that discourages them from participating in the workforce. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with backing from […]

Petrol prices add fuel to inflation fire

Colin Brinsden, AAP Economics and Business Correspondent (Australian Associated Press)   Rising international oil prices continue to flow through to the petrol bowser in Australia, fuelling concerns about cost of living pressures. At the weekend, the Brent crude oil price briefly topped $US85 a barrel for the first time since 2018. Australian Institute of Petroleum […]

Stick to national reopening plan: Morrison

Matt Coughlan (Australian Associated Press)   Scott Morrison has warned ongoing lockdowns will cause more harm than benefit when coronavirus vaccination coverages reaches 70 per cent. The prime minister insists high case numbers will not derail a national plan despite some states warning Doherty Institute modelling needs updating. Under the agreement, lockdowns will be less […]

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