‘FOMO’ on crypto leaves regulators behind

Marion Rae (Australian Associated Press)   Payments are really just money stuck in a computer, so why not make it faster and more secure, pioneers of blockchain say. Digital boxes of ledgers could replace paper-based documents and save time and money for homebuyers, banks and lawyers trying to exchange on a deal during a pandemic, […]

Payment of death benefits when couples die simultaneously

Graeme Colley Executive Manager, SMSF Technical and Private Wealth (SuperConcepts)   Many trustees and members of SMSFs are interested in the payment of death benefits if they or their spouse were to die. This usually revolves around who is eligible to receive the death benefits, the effectiveness of reversionary pensions, non-reversionary pensions and the different […]

[VIDEO] Getting your super started

  It is important to start growing and actively managing your super as early as possible for your retirement. For most people, super begins when you start work and your employer starts paying super for you. If you’re a contractor or a temporary resident and are working in Australia, you may also be entitled to […]

Thinking about self-managed super?

(ATO)   If you set up a self-managed super fund (SMSF), you’re in charge – you make the investment decisions for the fund and you’re held responsible for complying with the super and tax laws. It’s a major financial decision and you need to have the time and skills to do it. There may be […]

The 101s of an SMSF: some basics and benefits explained

Graeme Colley Executive Manager, SMSF Technical and Private Wealth (SuperConcepts)   In the right hands, a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) can be a beneficial way to build wealth for retirement. Whilst they are not for everyone, it is important that when thinking of starting an SMSF, individuals need to understand the benefits and responsibilities they […]

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