TED Talks

Why is 1.5 degrees such a big deal? [TED Talk Video]

  Take action on climate change at http://countdown.ted.com. A brief answer to one of the key questions about climate change: Why is 1.5 degrees such a big deal? (Written by Myles Allen, David Biello and George Zaidan) This animation was part of the Countdown Global Launch on 10.10.2020. (Watch the full event: https://youtu.be/5dVcn8NjbwY.) Countdown is […]

Co-Parenting as Allies, not Adversaries [TED Talk Video]

  Shaka Senghor and Ebony Roberts, who met and fell in love while Shaka was in prison, struggled to navigate their new relationship as co-parents after their breakup. In spite of their hurt, they agreed to parent their son Sekou as allies not adversaries. Their relationship is challenging the popular narrative that parents can’t get […]

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