Colin Brinsden, AAP Economics and Business Correspondent
(Australian Associated Press)



(Note: Quarterly change, followed by annual change)

CPI – up 1.6 per cent in quarter, up 0.7 per cent annually

Food and non-alcoholic beverages – down 0.4 per cent, up 3.4 per cent

Alcohol and tobacco – up 1.6 per cent, up 8.1 per cent

Clothing and footwear – up 0.4 per cent, down 0.5 per cent

Housing – unchanged, down 0.2 per cent

Furnishings, household equipment and services – up 12.0 per cent, down 0.1 per cent.

Health – down 0.1, up 1.0 per cent

Transport – up 3.4 per cent, down 4.0 per cent

Communication – down 0.8 per cent, down 3.3 per cent

Recreation and culture – up 1.1 per cent, down 0.7 per cent

Education – up 2.1 per cent, up 1.0 per cent

Insurance and financial services – up 0.1 per cent, up 1.6 per cent

(Includes 1381.6 per cent increase in child care following the end of the COVID-19 free child care package.)

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