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From the Principal’s Desk – Fabbro Talks (August 2022)

The month of July has come and gone and we appear to be racing towards Christmas at a pace too rapid for my liking!

We have rain forecast for this week so I am hoping our many farming clients will be getting plenty of that, and not too much for those in wetter areas.

The Cleve Field days are coming up next week and we will have a booth in the Exhibition Hall so if you are attending the Field Days, drop in and say hello.

As I write this, I am sitting in Port Lincoln looking at some very blustery conditions outside. On my drive in from the airport I did my usual trip to the jetty area and enjoyed observing the activity of fresh seafood being unloaded into freezer trucks as well as grain trucks continuing to haul grain in the area. It is great to be reminded of the significant contribution agriculture, and especially the Port Lincoln/Eyre Peninsula region, makes to the South Australia economy.

I ran into one of our great aquaculture clients on the flight over and was intrigued to hear how their research and development in the area of growing seaweed for fertiliser was progressing. Given the current shortage and expense of other fertilisers there would be nothing better than another significant industry being developed right here in South Australia. The practice of the Law continues to keep us busy and one of the current matters troubling my mind relates to a poorly drafted will, and some poor management post the passing of this gentleman, that has sparked an unfortunate bitter fight that is wasting too many resources for my liking.

It constantly reminds me that dealing with matters effectively at the beginning is often a good strategy for avoiding troublesome and expensive disputes at the end.

I hope all of our personal and business clients continue to enjoy good health and success and hope to see some of you at the Field Days next week.

Remember, if there is anything of a legal nature that is concerning you … “we’re here to help”!

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Michael Fabbro

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