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From the Principal’s Desk – Fabbro Talks (July 2022)

Another month goes by and another financial year draws to a close. It always astounds, and slightly concerns me, how quickly the weeks become months, and the months become years … all too fast.

Our clients continue to keep us engaged in a range of interesting matters, for which we are grateful.

It has been interesting engaging with the government on the manner in which they allocated the fish species quota for marine scale fishing licences. As with these things, there are winners and losers, however the process became somewhat difficult and occasioned a considerable amount of unfairness on particular licence holders.

We have been arguing the case for some of those licence holders in the Civil and Administrative Tribunal with some success, which is pleasing. Having the government sort out the issue is as always not so straight forward and is cloaked in delay and mystery!

We have seen a lot of activity in the contractual space, with the benefit of OZ Minerals holding a significant presence in South Australia generating work for local contractors, which is a real positive for our economy.

OZ are building a significant mine in Western Australia and we have been involved in reviewing and negotiating some complex contracts which is an enjoyable challenge. In the current environment of supply chain issues and shipping delays and uncertainty, it is important to understand how to manage that risk for clients.

It is good to see some follow up rains being received by many of our extensive rural and agricultural client base. The hopes for a good season and good prices remain and are needed in the face of significant increases in input costs.

I trust all of our clients are enjoying their own success and the change of government, change of interest rates and change of inflation rate are being managed in the best possible manner!

Remember, if there is anything of a legal nature that is concerning you … “we’re here to help”!

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