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Testamentary Trust vs Discretionary Trust – which is right for you?

Each type of trust has advantages and disadvantages. This is why it’s best to obtain expert legal advice to ensure a trust suits your particular needs before embarking on the process of setting it up.

Wills and Estateswills-and-estates
Article: Key steps in buying a property

The key steps to take when buying a property in South Australia

Buying and Selling Propertybuying-and-selling-property
Article: What is Conveyancing?

This article explains the role of a conveyancer when you are buying or selling a property

Buying and Selling Propertybuying-and-selling-property
Article: Conveyancing – Useful Terms

A useful list of conveyancing terms with simple and clear explanations of what they mean

Buying and Selling Propertybuying-and-selling-property
Article: ATO to focus on tax minimisation strategies linked to Family Trusts

ATO announces focus on “extreme” tax minimisation strategies relating to disbursements from Family Trusts

Ebook: Succession planning for small businesses

Introductory guide to structuring your business for succession and asset protection

Commercial Lawcommercial-law
Ebook: Voluntary Administration

Introductory guide to VA – what it is (and isn’t); the VA process; and alternatives to VA

Bankruptcy and Insolvencybankruptcy-and-insolvency
Ebook: Commercial Due Diligence

Introductory guide on how to assess a target company when considering the purchase of a business.

Commercial Lawcommercial-law
Ebook: Estate Planning

Introductory guide to wills and estates to hep you make decisions about your estate planning needs

Wills and Estateswills-and-estates
Ebook: Security for Payments Act

Introductory guide to help construction professionals navigate the Security for Payments Act and avoid the pitfalls

Building Construction and Infrastructurebuilding-construction-and-infrastructure
Ebook: Testamentary Trusts

Introductory guide to testamentary trusts to help you make decisions about your estate planning needs

Wills and Estateswills-and-estates
Article: Help! My relationship broke down but I’m not married

How couples can resolve the division of property and debt following the breakdown of a relationship outside of marriage

Family Lawfamily-law
Article: Do I need a testamentary trust?

Using a testamentary trust to distribute assets in a Will, plus the benefits and tax obligations of setting up this type of trust

Wills and Estateswills-and-estates
Article: Enduring Power of Attorney

The benefits of making an Enduring Power of Attorney

Wills and Estateswills-and-estates
Article: How to contest a Will

Principal Lawyer Michael Fabbro explains how you can contest a Will via a family provision claim

Wills and Estateswills-and-estates
Article: Defamation reforms

Changes to the Defamation Act may make it more difficult, and less lucrative, to pursue defamation against the media

Dispute Resolutiondispute-resolution
Article: Is Voluntary Administration the Answer?

is Voluntary Administration the silver bullet that some practitioners would have you believe?

Bankruptcy and Insolvencybankruptcy-and-insolvency
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