Ash Ibrahim


Ash has been a Solicitor at Ezra Legal since July 2017. He was admitted to practice in 2017.

Ash has always enjoyed debating and writing and saw a career in law as a way of combining his passion for both.

Areas of Practice

Ash’s primary area of practice is in the firm’s dispute resolution sector, which covers a broad range of civil and commercial disputes, with a particular focus on construction and general contractual disputes. In addition, Ash also practices in the areas of taxation law, employment law and insolvency law.

Ash also has experience in general corporate commercial law, preparing documents related to the acquisition of companies, preparing financing and security agreements, and reviewing key client documents to provide advice.


Ash’s legal career began clerking in the area of criminal law, spending six months in a high-volume practice, often attending the various South Australian courts. He then moved to Ezra Legal and shortly after was admitted to practice. Since then he has practiced in the dispute resolution sector, assisting the firm’s senior lawyers in the day to day handling of files that cover a broad range of civil and commercial disputes.

In one particularly challenging construction dispute, an adjudication claim was served on a Friday, with boxes of documents delivered to the offices of Ezra Legal making a payment claim in excess of $1 million. Over the next week response submissions were prepared, with multiple legal and commercial specialists engaged to provide commentary on every aspect of the dispute. Ultimately, the claimant was awarded less than our client had offered to pay in the original payment schedule (approximately 7% of what had been claimed). The case was a highly technical, high-pressure situation which required attention to detail and an ability to liaise and negotiate with various client representatives, engineers and architects to ensure a successful outcome was delivered for our client.


  • Member of the Law Society of South Australia Commercial Law Committee


  • Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Hons)


  • Dean’s Certificate of Excellence for Dispute Management at Flinders University (2015)
  • LexisNexis Award for Public Law at Flinders University (2013)
  • Dean’s Certificate of Excellence for Contentious Justice Issues at Flinders University (2013)

Confidential advice on a range of commercial legal matters

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