Why Financial Security is Paramount for a Satisfying Retirement

Retirement is often idealised as a carefree chapter in life, where one can indulge in long-postponed hobbies, travel, and quality time with loved ones. However, the idyllic vision of retirement is predicated on a foundation of financial stability. Without it, retirement can become a period of stress and uncertainty, rather than relaxation and enjoyment. Why […]

20 investment mistakes to be aware of

Investment, a field where even the most astute can stumble, is rife with potential missteps. However, these errors often serve as valuable learning experiences, offering insights for crafting more robust investment strategies. 20 investment mistakes to be aware of, which are crucial in shaping a sound investment approach. Unrealistic Expectations: Investors should maintain reasonable return […]

Australians owed millions in unclaimed Medicare rebates

Nearly one million Australians could receive a festive season boost to their bank balance, as the government tries to return $234 million in unclaimed Medicare benefits. On average, these Australians are missing out on about $240 but could reclaim the money within three days by updating their bank account details on the myGov website. The […]

Financial hardship creeping into higher income brackets

Lower-income households continue to bear the brunt of the cost of living crisis although more families in higher income brackets are starting to feel the pinch A National Australia Bank survey found a sharp jump in the number of higher-income individuals reporting financial hardship across the September quarter, rising to 41 per cent from 33 […]

Labor deal with Greens to pass vacant homes tax reforms

A deal to strengthen taxes on empty homes has been struck between the Victorian government and the Greens. An upper house vote on changes to Victoria’s vacant residential land tax was put on ice earlier this month when the Greens and the coalition refused to back the legislation. But the bill is set to return […]

Retail sales dip as shoppers hold on to cash for sales

Spending weakened last month and by more than expected as consumers hung back to pounce on deals during the Black Friday sales. Retail sales as measured by the Australian Bureau of Statistics fell 0.2 per cent in October, a softer result than the 0.1 per cent increase that was anticipated. On an annual basis, retail […]

Cultural stigma holds workplaces back as pay gap falls

Australia’s gender pay gap has had its biggest single-year drop in almost a decade, but women are still earning much less than their male colleagues. In its annual update, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) revealed the average total gender pay gap this year had dropped to 21.7 per cent from 22.8 per cent in […]

Managing Debt: A Strategic Approach to Financial Wellness

Confronting debt can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. Balancing daily living expenses while keeping up with loan repayments is a challenging task that can affect both your financial and emotional well-being. Nevertheless, with a well-structured plan and dedicated effort, it’s possible to expedite debt repayment and lay the foundation for long-term financial stability.   […]

Minor shift in inflation expectations risks RBA’s path

Consumers and businesses still believe the stint of high inflation will be temporary, and the Reserve Bank of Australia says its important it stays that way. Even a modest uptick in what’s known as inflation expectations would make it “significantly more challenging” to bring inflation back to target in a timely fashion, based on research […]

People with disability receive help to advance careers

A renewed focus is being put on helping people living with a disability stay in jobs and progress their careers, amid hopes a fresh approach will change attitudes of employers. Coles Group, Compass Group, Kmart and Target Group and Woolworths have signed up for a $3.3 million federal government careers pathway pilot program. The unemployment […]

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