Family Law

Family Law – it’s a complex and stressful experience.

Australian family law requires you to get independent legal advice before you make a financial agreement. Are you fully aware of all the effects of entering into a Binding Financial Agreement, including any negative consequences?

Do you know how assets are split after separation in accordance with Australian family laws? Are you familiar with the four-stage test applied to the property of the relationship, including any property that the parties held before living together? 

Family law disputes are invariably complex and emotionally draining. Get expert advice from our team of experienced family lawyers. We can help you find your way through the difficult times and get the best possible outcome.

Specialist Family Lawyers.

Divorcing and separating from your partner is one of the most stressful times in your life. You need a family lawyer who will listen, protect your rights, and help you get through the tough times.

With our firm’s strong background in commercial law, we are uniquely placed to help you navigate complex financial settlements.

Our family law practitioners have relevant experience in the areas of family law and dispute resolution. Their sensitive approach, combined with their knowledge and experience of family law matters will give you the reassurance that you’re in safe hands.

So if you are enduring the pain and upheaval of relationship breakdown, our family law team can help.

Ezra Legal will provide straightforward and prompt advice, taking away the worry and putting your interests first.

Our Services

We specialise in providing a range of family law services that protect your interests. We have substantial experience in:

  • Divorce procedures – Our expert lawyers will focus on the legal side of things so that this doesn’t add to your strain whilst you’re being confronted with a raft of major decisions that will affect your future
  • Family dispute resolution and negotiation – If you loathe the idea of the traditional court-based approach to family law disputes, we can help you to resolve your matter through mediation, allowing both parties to quickly reach an agreement they both own, with less tension, and often with lower legal costs.
  • Property settlements – Through our expertise in debt, business assets, superannuation and investments, we can help you get the fairest and most comprehensive settlement once a relationship ends
  • Financial agreements – We can help you to negotiate a Binding Financial Agreement after the breakdown of your relationship which reflects any property settlement, spousal maintenance and child support agreements that you have reached with your former partner.
  • Spousal maintenance – We can assess how much maintenance support you’ll need both now and in the future
  • Superannuation expertise – We can assess your entitlements to get the best and fairest possible result for you

Confidential advice on a range of commercial legal matters

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