Calls for citizen jury panels to regulate social media

Citizen juries should be used to better regulate large online platforms in a bid to counter growing harms on the internet, a report has urged. The report published by the Lowy Institute has called for small representative groups to be in charge of decision-making about how digital platforms should be regulated and overseen. Researcher and […]

10 Legal Pitfalls to Avoid: Why and When to Seek Professional Legal Advice

When navigating legal issues, it’s crucial to seek appropriate legal advice to avoid common pitfalls. Here are several mistakes’ people often make when they should be consulting with a legal professional:   Relying Solely on Online Research: While online resources can provide general information, they cannot replace personalized advice from a legal professional who understands […]

Right to disconnect laws pass federal parliament

Employees will now have the right to disconnect from work out of hours, after industrial relations changes passed parliament. Under the workplace reforms, employees will have the right to ignore unreasonable calls and emails outside of their rostered shifts. The laws formally passed federal parliament after the House of Representatives on Monday signed off on […]

Effective Dispute Resolution: Strategies for Navigating Conflicts Successfully

Managing a dispute effectively requires a strategic approach that considers the nature of the conflict, the parties involved, and the desired outcomes. Here are several key considerations to keep in mind when managing a dispute:   Understand the Root Cause: Identify and understand the underlying issues leading to the dispute. This involves listening to all […]

Some reasons why you should discuss inheritance planning with your family

While most people write wills, very few families discuss inheritance. Parents avoid discussing inheritance planning with their children due to the subject’s sensitivity. However, avoiding the conversation does more harm than good. For example, poor wealth management by heirs can lead to business collapse. Here are some reasons why you should discuss inheritance planning with your […]

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