Service growth a risk to disabled clients

The rapid growth of a disability support service in Sydney’s west resulted in a “dangerous” situation with clients not properly supervised, a royal commission has been told. A former senior staff member with the Mt Druitt day program, identified as Dianne, said the service was growing so fast that at times she asked for intakes […]

A generational plan for aged care

The Australian Government is investing $17.7 billion into an aged care reform package. These measures will produce a once in a generation reform of aged care, providing respect, care and dignity to our senior Australians. Aged care that puts senior Australians’ needs first The Australian Government is building an aged care system that provides high […]

What is palliative care?

What is palliative care? Palliative care is treatment, care and support for people living with a life-limiting illness. A life-limiting illness is an illness that can’t be cured and that you’re likely to die from. Life-limiting illnesses can include: cancer motor neurone disease end-stage kidney disease dementia Palliative care also supports your family and friends. The […]

The importance of a will

Planning our estate is a vital part of any wealth management process. Deciding who is entitled to what after we die is not something that can be put off and left until later. It must be clearly and legally defined well ahead of time. This article is designed to serve as a guide, answering some […]

Calls for crypto regulation, education

With more than three million Australians owning cryptocurrency, better education and market regulation are needed to avoid an increase in cybercrime, a leading advisory body says. Telstra’s chief executive Andy Penn, who also chairs the federal government’s cyber security industry advisory committee, says many countries and networks are under constant attack due to more and […]

Central bank digital currency ‘hotting up’

Marion Rae (Australian Associated Press)   Momentum on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) is building but everyday Australians are unlikely to see a “kanga coin” just yet. “Enough countries will go down that route and we’ll end up there,” Reserve Bank of Australia assistant governor of financial systems Michele Bullock said on Wednesday. Work by […]

What is a life insurance beneficiary?

Tips and traps when choosing your beneficiary When you buy life insurance, you usually do it with a specific goal in mind – like eliminating debts or providing for loved ones. So how do you make sure your money ends up in the right hands? Nominating a beneficiary with your insurer can help give you […]

Income protection – top 3 things to know

Clarity (OnePath)   Income protection 101 There’s not much you can do without an income. In monetary terms, your ability to earn an income is your biggest asset by far – which is why income protection is so important. When you’re protecting your biggest asset, there are 3 things you need to understand so you know what […]

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