Aussie ag tech helps growers farm carbon

Australian grain growers are being encouraged to get into the carbon market, with a new partnership linking farmers to soil carbon technology. The partnership, between GrainCorp and biotech company Loam Bio, was announced on Tuesday at a national carbon farming expo in Albury. “We’re working across NSW and Victoria … looking at ways we can […]

Following the crypto trail, illicit or not

Volatile cryptocurrencies are not for the faint-hearted. Some buyers even have them tattooed. The world’s dominant cryptocurrency Bitcoin is the most inked, according to research by industry platform Crypto Head. Bitcoin is well ahead of second and third placegetters in the tattoo stakes – #dogecointattoo and #ethereumtattoo, according to the analysis of Instagram hashtags and […]

Calls for crypto regulation, education

With more than three million Australians owning cryptocurrency, better education and market regulation are needed to avoid an increase in cybercrime, a leading advisory body says. Telstra’s chief executive Andy Penn, who also chairs the federal government’s cyber security industry advisory committee, says many countries and networks are under constant attack due to more and […]

Central bank digital currency ‘hotting up’

Marion Rae (Australian Associated Press)   Momentum on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) is building but everyday Australians are unlikely to see a “kanga coin” just yet. “Enough countries will go down that route and we’ll end up there,” Reserve Bank of Australia assistant governor of financial systems Michele Bullock said on Wednesday. Work by […]

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