Property investing – residential vs. commercial real estate

In the realm of property investment, prospective investors often grapple with comparing residential vs commercial real estate. Both offer viable investment opportunities, but they also come with their own unique advantages and drawbacks.   Hence, the question of which avenue to pursue requires in-depth research and an understanding of industry trends and market dynamics. Learning […]

Why you need to do something you love every single day

Engaging in activities that you love is not only enjoyable but also offers a multitude of benefits that can enrich your life in various ways. So, if you’re on the fence about indulging one or some of your life’s passions, here are some advantages of doing something you love every day. 1. Enhances mental well-being […]

Wages outrunning inflation in win for household budgets

Wages are growing faster than inflation and this milestone has been reached earlier than expected. The official wage price index rose 4.2 per cent in the 12 months to December, a little above forecasts and up from the 4.1 per cent annual growth in September. On a quarterly basis, wages lifted 0.9 per cent in […]

Data could end year-long holiday home tax breaks

New data collection methods could end the days of short-term rental property owners claiming tax deductions when the home is not being rented. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has vowed to raise the issue of the owners of holiday rentals or Airbnbs claiming tax deductions for the property for the full year, even when they are […]

Employment Law

Non-compete clauses could slow higher pay, productivity

Australian workers could be missing out on higher pay because of a common clause in contracts that stops employees moving to competitors. About one in five employers are using what are known as non-compete clauses, according to an entirely new dataset released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the first time on Wednesday. The […]

Outgoing ATO boss calls for greater tax office powers

The outgoing head of the ATO has called for the tax office to have the power to collect evidence as part of criminal investigations. In a speech to the National Press Club, ATO commissioner Chris Jordan said the organisation should be given powers similar to those of tax bodies in other countries to assist with […]

Lease-to-own model targets young homebuyers

A new housing model will be launching in Australia that aims to help overcome affordability hurdles facing many new homebuyers. Lease-to-own platform Ownlea will let users rent from a selection of properties with the option of buying the dwelling within a five-year window – all the while capturing a portion of any capital gain from […]

Calls for citizen jury panels to regulate social media

Citizen juries should be used to better regulate large online platforms in a bid to counter growing harms on the internet, a report has urged. The report published by the Lowy Institute has called for small representative groups to be in charge of decision-making about how digital platforms should be regulated and overseen. Researcher and […]

Rewards push to give apprentices the tools to stay on

Industry groups hope a review into a federal apprenticeships will lead to better financial incentives for trainees to stay on the job long term. Skills Minister Brendan O’Connor on Monday outlined a review of the Australian apprenticeships incentive program, which would examine how the program could better be used amid growing skill shortages. Under the […]

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